Chasing Mana

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Ocean

mana, noun
in Polynesian, Melanesian, and Maori belief an impersonal supernatural power which can be transmitted or inherited.

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to the ocean. We don’t remember much from when we were toddlers, but I do remember my first time on a sailboat. I remember the snapping sound of the wind hitting and opening the sails, the rolling of the ocean and the pod of dolphins that joined us.

I also remember getting extremely sea sick and feeling like I was going to die.
But somehow, I still walked away with such a feeling of intrigue and amazement at the sure scale, power, and beauty of the ocean. From that day on I was hooked…

I would chase this passion over the next 30 years all over Hawaii, California, and eventually, the world working every position imaginable in the tourist activity and hospitality industry. Anything that would get me on or in the water.

This lifestyle would blindly lead me to uncover another passion within myself.
The passion for teaching. To share with others not only my love for the ocean but how to manage and navigate its wonders safely, all while still enjoying your self to the fullest!

I have found a new home for this passion, in the hidden gem that is Portugal. With her clean beaches, 330 days of sun, and abundance of sea life it is easy to fall in love with the lifestyle here.

All of us at Mana Kai Paddle would like to share our passion for not only the ocean but Portugal and its wonderful culture. We are looking forward to this journey, won’t you join us?